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Until Forever (2016)


Filmul spune o afirmaTie puternica, adevarata despre batalia curajoasa a unui tânar cu leucemie. Cu sinceritate, caldura si umor neasteptat, filmul ilustreaza puterea credintei în mijlocul întunericului si arata ca miracolele pot veni în moduri cele mai neasteptate.

Until Forever is a film about the strength of love in the midst of fear, the endurance of hope in the midst of loss and the reality of faith in the midst of doubt.

Michael and Michelle, two starry-eyed high school students are madly in love with each other. Their lives are filled with laughter as they plan for a future together. But the young couple’s dreams are interrupted when Michael is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Confined to a hospital, his Christian faith is tested as never before, especially when his beliefs are confronted by a fellow patient who is a proud atheist. As Michael fights to live, his brother Matt struggles with his own illness, a dark and growing depression that leads him to try to end his own life.
Michael and Michelle’s struggle tests the limits of their faith and commitment. Yet they come to learn that miracles can come in the most unexpected ways.

Based on the heroic true story of Michael and Michelle Boyum, Until Forever is a charming, honest and deeply moving film that will clearly communicate the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

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